On again!


A very warm welcome! TO22.ORG is re-launched! Again with the old guys in the background and the finest stuff and content in front! Hopefully we will be able to get some of the old clans back into the game, to re-start the developement of maps and mutators and just to have fun again!

The design of the page is made similar to the old, very first one, just to remind you all about the good old feeling and how great the late and small community was. Hopefully, we can get some parts of this feeling back...

Cause of the minimal time we have left for things like that, the website is still under construction but will suit our needs the first months. Articles and Downloads will be built up asap. Hopefully, we soon get another logo.

People behind TO22.ORG are the same as in the past. Mo666 and me, General_T. The only two guys who are silly enough to push this project again and again :D

For now, we welcome you all again to this great game and whish you great fun! To all of you who want to help us building up the page we actually have to set you into standby cause the usermanagement of the site isnt built up in detail yet. But you soon will be able to help us  - thanks in advance!